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Competition Structure


The GCD competition is divided into six divisions. Please note that the division formerly known as Senior B has been renamed to Open B.

Competition Structure.JPG

(1) Note that this refers to the team’s collective debating experience – e.g. a team with one experienced debater and three novices should enter a B division.
(2) All finals debates are short preparation.

In all divisions, undefeated teams can expect to progress to the finals series.

In the Junior B division: Teams on the highest number of wins, as determined by the GCD Board upon reviewing the preliminary results, will debate in a single “Junior B Finals” debate. Teams who win this debate will all be presented with certificates at the Grand Final.
In all other divisions: Generally, the top 16 teams in the division will progress to the finals series. This usually translates to teams on three or four wins, with teams on two wins occasionally filling ‘wildcard’ slots. Where this is not deemed advisable by the GCD Board (due to, for example, more than 16 teams achieving three wins, or the division being comprised of less than 16 teams), the GCD Board will determine the most fair and equitable process for selecting teams for finals. Once a top 16 teams have been selected, the finals series is run on an elimination basis culminating in two teams in each division competing for the title of Gold Coast Debating Champions for the division.

Open A Division only: The winning team in this division is invited to participate in a Queensland regional final in Brisbane, held on a date shortly after the conclusion of our season.


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