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The GCD competition is divided into six divisions. Please note that the division formerly known as Senior B has been renamed to Open B.


Finals Series 2023 Information

The GCD Finals Series is run on an elimination basis culminating in two teams in each division competing for the title of Gold Coast Debating Champions for the division, which will be decided at Bond University on Sunday, 23rd August.

Documents to Review

Summer school resources can used to refresh on the debating basics, as well as more complex themes such as benchmarks and models.

Closer to the Grand Final, some debates may be adjudicated by a panel of adjudicators, instead of a single adjudicator.

Adjudication Panel Information

Keeping up with Current Affairs

Debate topics are often based on news and current affairs, so keeping up with the news can be very beneficial. Below are a list of news sources recommended to improve your knowledge of current affairs.

Other Debating Resources

There are other ways to improve debating skills such as games, writing under pressure and public speaking.

Games for Developing Debating Skills
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