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  • A-Divisions (Junior A, Intermediate A, Open A) are for collectively experienced debate teams. B-Divisions (Junior B, Intermediate B, Open B) are for collectively novice debate teams. By applying to register a team, a school is confirming that these classifications are understood and that teams will be registered in the appropriate divisions.

  • There is no limit to the number of teams a school may register in any division of the competition.

  • Teams should contain a minimum of four members and must not contain more than five members.

  • Each time a team debates, three students will speak and a fourth will act as either Chairperson (affirmative team) or Timekeeper (negative team).

  • Three team members must be present and able to debate for a team to be eligible. In this case, any member of the community may act as the Chairperson and/or Timekeeper – e.g. a parent, coach, sibling etc.

  • No debater may debate more than once in the same round.

  • Students may be entered into a higher division than their regular school grade.

  • Students are not permitted, in any circumstances, to debate in a lower division than their school year level.


  • A fee of $130 per team will be charged for each team entered into the 2022 competition. This fee covers administrative costs that GCD incurs throughout the course of the year, as well as payments to adjudicators. Schools will be invoiced following the completion of the first round of the preliminary series. This fee is non-refundable in cases where a team withdraws from the competition after the completion of Round One of the preliminary series.

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